Store for open software security devices in Australia, pre-loaded with OPNsense® or pfSense® software
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About us

Pf store is a Melbourne based hardware distributor and provider of pfSense® and OPNsense® software support and application services in Australia. We provide our customers with both remote & on-site support, so regardless of your location we can support your installations.

This online store provides convenience for customers who simply want to purchase security devices outright.

If you are looking for managed solutions, leases, design and consultation - please contact Multiple IT via their website.

Please note that pfSense® and OPNsense® software solutions are owned by their respective entities. Pf store does not have any association to these open source software providers.

pfSense® is a registered trademark and service mark owned by Electric Sheep Fencing LLC. See

OPNsense is an OSS project © Deciso B.V.