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Reflash Huawei E3372h USB modems for pfSense® & OPNsense®

Note: the minor version is important i.e. E3372h-153 vs E3372h-607 The 22.x series firmware is a NAT modem thingy. The 21.x series is "stick mode" where the network interface will have the "real" address on it. So stick mode is desirable.

Load Generic Firmware.

  1. Log in to a Linux machine with a USB port available
  2. Open the modem's case
  3. Use "needle method" to have the device go into emergency recovery. Basically earth the recovery pin whilst plugging in the modem, a ttyUSB0 should appear
  4. Use balong-usbdload to feed the panicking e3372h a bootstrap firmware with:
    ./balong-usbdload -p /dev/ttyUSB0 usblsafe-3372h.bin
  5. The modem's LED should now be flashing white
  6. Now load the proper firmware, note that it loads on ttyUSB2. There are some options depending on which file you have.
    ./balong_flash -p /dev/ttyUSB2 -g0 E3372h-153_Update_21.
    ./balong_flash -p /dev/ttyUSB2 /tmp/E3372h-607_UPDATE_21.

After Completion

# connect with something, cu is nice on the cli
cu -l ttyUSB0 -s 115200

# whats the loaded version?

# what features are available?

# Available options

# Whats the current order of network, CD emulation etc

# ff= no modeswitch
# 1 = modem, 12 = pc ui, 16 = ncm, A1 = cd, A2 = SD

# Or, Disable the cd emulation

# Restore to default

# Restart the modem, saving the above changes

# Set APN, in this case "connect" which is post-paid optus

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