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Configure pfSense® for TPG FTTP NBN

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TPG FTTP NBN has strange quirks, similar to their FTTN products which you can read about here. This guide will help you get settings right for FTTP.

Plug pfSense® WAN port in to UNI-D port

How to remove the cover and access the NBN NTD are well documented, so won't be covered here in detail.

You should first ensure that your service is working using the TPG provided modem. Typically this will be on UNI-D port 1 or 2. If you have a fault, TPG will want you to plug their modem in - so once you're sure your service is working unplug this modem and store it somewhere safe.

Now plug the WAN port of your pfSense firewall in to the UNI-D port on your NBN NTD (the "NBN box"). You should get a connection LED for that UNI-D port when your pfSense firewall is powered on.

What hardware should I run pfSense® on?

For home, check out the A10 Dual Core or A10 Quad Core appliances in Desktop profile.

For business, check out the A10 Quad Core or the Xeon Quad Core Gen4 as Rackmount appliances.

Settings for TPG

Will the phone work?

Is the service on a UNI-V port? Yes, it will continue to work.

Is the service on the TPG modem? Unfortunately No. TPG do not disclose the SIP details that their modems use. If you want an ISP that let's you BYO SIP devices, please check out Exetel

Create PPPoE Interface

Just create a normal PPPoE interface like you would with ADSL. Enter your username and password. However, the MTU and MSS values must be set as follows:

  • MTU must be 1500 or PPPoE wont connect.
  • MSS must be 1492 (or less) otherwise larger frames will be sent and dropped inside NBN - resulting in extreme packet loss!

    The WAN interface of your pfSense Firewall should now connect to your ISP almost instantly.


    We offer commercial support, why not contact us


    We are dealers for both Exetel (Dealer BA1372) and TPG (Dealer NAUAAH).

    By using the above links or codes when signing up, we get a tiny commission and as your dealer can assist you with configuration problems etc.

    If you need something faster, we can also provide recommendations for faster and higher SLA services available in your area.

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